​*Kaizen Story: Tiger in the Toilet*

Once a stranded Tiger entered the washroom in a Corporate Office and hid in a dark corner. Since there were people outside the washroom through the day, the Tiger was afraid to come out.

Many people frequented the washroom, but the frightened Tiger didn’t touch anyone. However, after four days it couldn’t bear hunger anymore, so it caught a man who had come in, and ate him. 

This man happened to be an Assistant General Manager in the organization, but nobody noticed his disappearance. 

Since nothing untoward happened, the Tiger became bolder and after two days caught another man and ate him.

This man was the General Manager of the organization. 

Still, nobody worried over his disappearance (Some people even happy that he was not seen in the office).

Next day, the Tiger caught the Vice President who was a terror in the organization. 

Again nothing happened. The Tiger was very happy and decided that this was the perfect place for him to live. 

The very next day the happy Tiger caught a man who had entered the washroom while balancing a tray of teacups in one hand. 

The frightened man fell unconscious. Within fifteen minutes a huge hue and cry ensued, and everyone in the office started looking for the man. The search team reached the washroom, flushed out the Tiger and saved the unconscious man. He was the tea boy in the office.

*Moral of the Story*

It is not the position, but our usefulness to others that makes us lovable and respectable. _*If your subordinates are happy in your absence that means your not a perfect leader.

*Acknowledgement: From the book *Tiger in the Toilet*

Macro Economic News – 12th May 2017


[I]  GM mustard closer to taking root with regulator’s approval

[I]  CBDT issues draft accounting rules for real estate projects

[I]  CEA Arvind Subramanian hits out at global rating agencies for China bias

[I]  Protectionism is a dead end, says top US Federal Reserve official

[I]  Defence procurement: No consensus on strategic partnership

[I]  CBDT online facility to link Aadhaar with PAN

[I]  India needs to triple investment in agricultural research: IFPRI

[I]  Thundershowers look set to scale up over peninsula

[I]  ‘Banks need to leverage existing customer base, provide technology-enabled services’


[I]  A cross-border chemistry between Indian entrepreneurs and Chinese investors

[I]  Indian mangoes travel to S Korea, after Australia visit

[I]  Re-emergence of El-Nino may push jeera prices beyond Rs 20,000 level

[I]  Exporters’ body want conversion of dollar earnings on REER

[I]  India passing through biggest technological revolution: Amitabh Kant

[I]  Modi diktat paying off: India infrastructure projects on a roll

[I]  Insolvency resolution time for smaller companies may be shortened

[I]  CEA Arvind Subramanian flays global rating agencies for treating India unfairly

[I]  CBDT releases draft income calculation norms for real estate

[I]  Indian Labour Conference to discuss key issues like social security

[I]  Tripartite body should guide labour policy, not Niti Aayog


[I]  Govt to shortlist 6 firms as strategic partners for defence manufacturing

[I]  CEA Arvind Subramanian questions RBI status quo on rates

[I]  Steel, metal firms announce Rs 1.4 lakh-cr capex as fundamentals improve

[I]  E-commerce consolidation to give way to mature growth in sector

[I]  Govt mulls primary deficit targets for new FRBM road map

[I]  Train tickets may get costlier as Railways rethinks service charge waiver

[I]  Registration for GST enrolment to reopen on June 1

[I]  Finance, commerce ministries in a turf war

[I]  Weekly Aadhaar seeding target for lenders set

MARKETS (7:30 am)

[I]  SGX NIFTY Fut: 9446;  USDINR DGCX: 64.4650;  DJIA Mini Fut: 20852;  FTSE 100 Fut: 7358;  NIKKEI 225 Fut: 19907;  EUR-USD: 1.0869; Crude Oil (WTI): 47.90;  Gold (Spot): 1226

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[18-Feb-2017] Celebrating 28 years of togetherness four days hence

Our lives together have been one heck of a roller-coaster ride ever since we got married in February’1989. The turning point and the most remarkable moment of my life was when my daughter, Kajri was born on March 20th, 1992. However, this post is not about my daughter, except to say that my love for her has always been and will always remain unconditional and complete.

Ours was a love marriage, that perhaps all my readers will know by now, at least those who matter the most. This post ought also to be read by all those people who cannot believe that in this day and age, there is a man who still swears by his wife and who has the fullest confidence in stating that there is nothing that is hidden between me and my wife.

I stand by my committment to her like the Rock of Gibralter – so help me God – and I can swear upon any holy book that never in all these years have I been unfaithful to her. Yes, you hear me right, no girlfriends other than my wife, why to this day, she is and always will be my first and last girlfriend / wife / partner – whatever you would like to call it. Yes, I am human and do have my own failings, but this choice is my very own personal choice. I am very old-school in the department of romance and still cannot allow any thought of any other woman to enter my mind.

Honestly, it is not as if I have never liked anyone, but then, on the other hand, I am friends with so many awesome and stupendous women that you just cannot believe what I am saying, till you actually see me talk to them. In the latter category, if you count my cousins, my sister, my sister-in-law’s and last but not the least, my mother – they all have been excellent companions to me all through my life.

Coming back to the topic, four days from this day [i.e. 18th Feb, 2017] we will be celebrating 28 years of togetherness and there is not a twinge of any regret or any other negative emotion over it.

I am proud to admit that my wife is the ‘man’ of the house in many ways, especially that she earns way much more than what I do. This is more because despite my multiple talents, misfortune and bad luck have continuously dogged me to the extent that I cannot explain in words. Since this post is not about my misfortune, I shall leave that topic now.

Ever since my wife joined the Gujarat University as a Reader in April’1995, she has not looked back. Today she is the Head of the Department of Psychology in the School of Psychology, Philosophy and Education, more because she richly deserves to he holding that post.

You must have heard the saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” – today you might even say “Behind every successful woman, there is a man”, because though predominantly the former may be true, but not always. Let us just leave this topic by saying that there are a number of worthy exception(s) to that rule, and I am fiercely proud to fall in the latter category.

Whatever may have been our past differences, they have either faded into oblivion, or have become so minor, almost as if they are not worthy of even a mention today. As of this moment and every moment that will occur in the coming years of the life that remains on this Earth, I have decided that she will never be alone, for I am going to be there for her, as a companion, friend and confidante, till death do us part.


CA Vikram Shankar Mathur
18-Feb-2017 | 15:35 Hours IST